Reinvention of a Writing Space

My office and I recently made a guest appearance in a blog series about Writers’ Spaces. I know many love to write at Starbuck’s or Panera, and of course there was lots of talk about writing on trains recently. None of these places work for me, though they are fabulous for people-watching, aka character-stalking.

I’ve had three different writing spaces since I began writing in earnest. The first was at the family PC, on the second floor landing, outside my daughters’ room. I wrote during the day, but also while waiting for my younger daughter to fall asleep, because at the time she needed the assurance of knowing I was “right there”. It was a high traffic space (good thing I don’t write erotica), and often noisy (especially once renovations on our house began). The desk chair was from IKEA and extremely uncomfortable. Despite the negatives, I finished my first novel there. At the time it was called MOONWORT. Now it’s tentatively titled THE PERFUME OF SOULS.

My second space (post-renovation) was shared with a TV, which fortunately didn’t get used all that often. It had a much comfier chair and was separated from the main house by the laundry room and a hall, which made it quieter. After all, I was the only one who actually used the laundry room. This is where I finished novels two and three, FOOLISH and TENDRIL.

Maine Office

Then we moved to North Carolina. Thanks to the relative price of housing, Maine vs. NC, I now have my very own office. At first I tried to make it an homage to coastal Maine, but that only made me miss the beach more.


The look also felt out of place here in central NC. So, with LOTS of help from my patient and creative husband, we redid my office and though it’s not completely finished, I’m very happy so far. It has art and sparkly things and a curio cabinet with bones and seashells and sand dollars. The rich colors and floral patterns seem more harmonious with my new environment.


The dogs seem to approve too.


Hopefully, I’ll finish a fourth book here this year.

If you’re a creative person, what do you like or not like about your working space? Do you have a Pinterest board for keeping track of inspirational decorating ideas? Is your space tidy or messy? Is it private or public, shared or yours alone? 

For more images of my office, what’s in it, and what inspired it, check out my Pinterest board.


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Fiction Writer. Co-Founder #CriTiki Lounge pitch feedback forum and Like A Virgin Writing Contest.
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