Our 2nd Annual Like A Virgin Writing Contest!

After all the fun and success of #LV13, Kristina Perez and I could hardly wait to start planning 2014’s contest.

To be honest, running the contest makes us feel Mia-and-Vincent-cool. Incidentally, I’m pretty sure Kristina wouldn’t hesitate to stab me in the heart with a hypodermic if the situation demanded, and of course, I’d do the same for her…that’s what being a CP is all about, right?

This year there will be MORE agents AND small press editors…

woo hoo leonardo di Caprio
and a BUSHEL of prizes!

(By the way, I’ve pretty much forgiven Leo for mispronouncing “Philomena” during The Golden Globes. We all make mistakes.)

You can also read the success stories of some of last year’s Virgins!

So, without further ado, here is our logo/badge and if you click here, you’ll be magically transported to the Like A Virgin 2014 website which will fire you up like a red hot Madonna video, as well as answer any questions you might have. There’s also a “contact us” option, just in case it doesn’t.


Follow #LV14 on Twitter for updates.

Now, go, tell all your writer friends! Let me leave you with some inspiring words from Madonna herself.


About Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

Fiction Writer. Co-Founder #CriTiki Lounge pitch feedback forum and Like A Virgin Writing Contest.
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